Process Book for White House Black Market

It has been a while I updated on the current project, but a lot has gone on behind the scenes of making this collection come to live. I have spent time, working on Print design, sketches, creating embroidery and appliqué to go with the overall presentation of my design.

Although some techniques I used are not in my 12 final sketches, I will like to assure you, it will be updated again once I have my computer running fine, because of the large files my computer takes a long time to process the information.

But I hope you like the steps I have taken to get here, All feedback are welcome.

Thank you.

Process book whbm copy_Page_7.jpg
sketches whbm.png
Process book whbm copy_.jpg
Process book whbm copy_Page_3.jpg
croquis whbm copy_Page_6.jpg
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